Seeing as its been a number of days (like 12) since we arrived home from our trip to California, I thought it would be appropriate to share a quick run down of the events with everyone. Disclaimer – this may be poorly written and organized due  to the amount of time that has elapsed since the events in question occurred. Sorry no pictures!

We started off with an emotional good-bye to Tim and Renata and the kids, and Tom, and pulled out of Tacoma with a small car very full of heavy stuff. We had dinner at Burgerville that night. Quick review – it was good, but still fast food. The local, organic thing is cool, but we still wouldn’t want to eat there, other than the occasional road trip meal.

Monday we spent a night at Zach and Deana’s place in Morgan Hill. It was great to arrive at their place and relax while they cooked us a tasty dinner and let us zone out after our long drive. The next day we took the Cal Train into San Fransisco. It was amazing – the train system (though I’m sure not perfect) is so far ahead of anything we have in the Seattle/Tacoma area. This was confirmed when we were able to take the BART from San Fran to Berkeley, to Walnut Creek and back again.

We had some awesome food in San Fransisco at the Zuni Cafe and the next day in Berkeley at Chez Panisse. More on those later. We spent a great night in San Fransisco and in Walnut Creek visiting Erin and her boyfriend Ben. We also fell in love with the abundant citrus trees that were everywhere. Just think of the possibilities!

To round out a great week, we spent two nights in Santa Cruz with Zach and Deana at his uncle’s neighbor’s house. We ate good food, drank good drinks and enjoyed seeing our friends. The best part was body surfing and boogie boarding in Santa Cruz. We saw seals, porpoises and an otter. The otter, named Mikey, was very cute and stayed very close to us for a long time so we could watch it eat something and play around in the water.

We finished the trip with a great drive across the beautiful nothingness of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and northern Colorado. The prairie was abnormally green and it was gorgeous! We got home at 8:00 last Monday evening and have been enjoying ourselves here ever since.


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