What I did

Andrew here.  I might try to maintain a habit of posting by adding fascinating list every week.  Here’s what I did last week as recorded on June 26th.

Been in Boulder since the 22nd.  This week: weeded 3 beds, bought a $300+ pile of dirt (8 yards) that makes me miss that good ol’ TAGRO, cut back the grapes that hang over the porch so we’ll have a manageable harvest (surely the birds will too), took apart the old junk filled compost bin, bought brackets to make a new raised bed, 

Oh my gosh!  I just had to run outside while in the middle here because my first Colorado hail was coming down. Katie and I just got thoroughly soaked covering up the tomatoes and beans with crop cloth. The hail was marble-sized!   It has been raining almost every day since we came – very, very rare.  I understand that in August it sometimes rains for a little while in the afternoons, but this is very strange.  The Flatiron Mts. are very green.  The difference between here and Tacoma is that it clears up within an hour or two and is then 80 or so and sunny for the rest of the day here.  Crazy!

trimmed the tomatoes, met farmer Kipp Nash who runs the yard farm Community Roots Farm, hung out with Katie’s high school friend Cass, watched Walk Hard, scythe cut the weedy back lot, unpacked most of our things, bought a farm hat, made two great networking for jobs appointments, hung out with our great family here, Katie sprayed the flea beetles with a tomato-based concoction and seeded a ton of plants.

And this week I built a bed and prepped it (Katie seeded it), I designed, built, and partially filled a 4 bin compost area, and applied for a job among other things.  Thats how the time goes.  Bad comma use, bad everything… but this is a log type blog. Kind of a B-grade Log.  I wanted to add a compost bin picture, but its very wet out right now…


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  1. 1 Renata July 7, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    i am not a comment person…in about a year of poking around and looking at cooking and other blogs, i’ve never done it… but here i am. i’m excited to come back here often and see what you guys are up to and what you are cooking.

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