The fall garden

Lets start where we ended…

The fall garden (well, part of the fall garden)

The fall garden (well, part of the fall garden)

Lets walk through this bed and give you an idea of what we’ve cultivating here. Under the Ree-may (garden cloth – used to keep water in during the summer, keep plants warm during the winter), we’ve got radished, turnips and carrots. The carrots may be a lost cause, its a little late to plant them. But on the off chance that we get a warm fall, we’ll be glad to have them. There is still time to plants turnips and (especially) radishes in both the Northwest and Colorado. Next to the Ree-may, there is a lot of tasty red butterhead lettuce. This has been doing well through the last few weeks and should last us through the fall under more Ree-may. Next are beets! Andrew’s been waiting for roasted beets with rosemary since March! Both beets and greens should be fine all fine (and maybe winter), especially if covered. Finally, the far end of the bed has carrots. These were started about three weeks ago and are looking great. Carrots can be difficult to geminate during the hot summer, but we hit it right with a cool week when we planted these. Should keep well all winter.

Another view

Another view

In the bed to the right, we’ve got some big kale and chard plants which will give us lots of greens in the cold. I like to save all my kale until after a frost, because its tastes much better, with no bitterness at all. Plus, there’s no reason to eat kale when tomatoes, peppers and salad are in season. Save it for soup! We’ve also got some medium sized favas, which will either give us beans in the fall if its warm, or overwinter to produce early in the spring. I think we should have gotten beans already, but the plans got some weird disease which curled their ends. So, I cut the plants down and now they’re looking a little better. There is a lot of flat leaf parsley on the near end of that bed. Parsely is another super hardy plant that has lots of uses (if you get creative) – it makes a great pesto with a little lemon juice. And fresh pesto in the winter is always good!

The garlic bed!

The garlic bed!

This project has been Andrew’s pride and joy! He recently calculated that we can grow 400 heads of garlic here…enough for you?! Actually, the only question is if we have enough money to buy that much seed garlic now! The bed is prepped, but we’ll have to wait until mid-October to plant garlic. All thats to do between now and then is peruse the local garlic stall at the farmers market and figure out exactly what varieties we’d like to enjoy next summer and fall! Sometimes I wonder if we should take up a hobby with faster turn around time. 🙂


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