The Egg

We’ve mentioned our new Big Green Egg a few times on here. And I think its time the Egg got its own post. Here it is:

Standing proud

Standing proud

So here’s the deal on this baby. Its made out of space age ceramic stuff. You put charcol in the bottom, adjust the air vents at top and bottom and heat can range from 200 to 700 degrees. The ceramic material retains heat very evenly, so once its settled at a good temperature, it can just stay there. At the high end of the heat spectrum, we’ve used it to cook pizzas and naan. At the low end, pots of beans and slow cooked ribs.

Dinner veggies - beets, favas, delicata squash

Dinner veggies - beets, favas, delicata squash

The thing I’m liking best about the Egg is its ability to get really hot, then slowly cool down. While its cooling down (over the course of 12 hours if you wish), we use it to cook all sorts of things.

Here’s an example of a typical evening for it:

– start very hot with pizzas for dinner

– follow with a roasted chicken for dinner the next night

– roast some veggies to stick in lunches

– cook a flatbread

– at the very end, stick a pot of beans in and let them slowly cook overnight. This is my favorite part, as I don’t need to soak the beans, and they’re perfectly done when I pull them out in the morning.


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