This one’s for Noah!

Well, my “Brew-boy” career has risen to new heights.  Hunter has the gear (and the skill) and I have fun (and good looks).  We’ll have beer ready by the new year, and cider in the spring.


The beer and cider (minus 15 gallons in the next room) hanging out on the garage floor. We made around 30 gallons of cider a week ago and 10 of beer yesterday.

Of course, all these home made beverages took a lot of sacrifice…


Hunter, very high up in a tree over an irrigation ditch. He cut himself up a bit, and hardly any apples to show for it! It was a test of manhood.


Clinging on for life while I called the fire department... ha!

That last caption is unfortunately fictional.

And now Noah, for the cool tech part.  Below is my sacrifice.


I had to hold this copper box. It was heavy! It cooled the hot hot beer with cool water running by it from the hose. It works remarkably well.

And I should end with this nice picture of Long’s Peak (I think) from the farm at Lyons.


The Front Range and the peaks have all been snow-capped and gorgeous for a few weeks.


1 Response to “This one’s for Noah!”

  1. 1 Andi October 28, 2009 at 12:59 am

    Andrew, you’re a hoot.

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