That lucky old sun

We’re getting there.  Soon it will always be light when we go to work and light when we come home.

A couple of weekends back, we had an unlikely cloudy period with a spot of snow.

Katie's unlce Colin dropped by this crisp Saturday to use his welding skills to fix my busted compost bin. Don't look directly at the flames!

This one captures our closeness to the mountains. Always beautiful. Also, our portion of the house is the addition on the right with the bay windows.

Having bought the supplies one week ago, this Saturday I built a 10×3 raised bed, upside down.  I did it this way because the ground is pretty hard even when it’s not frozen, which is the case currently. In a month or two, I will plop this bugger in the ground.

This one makes the yard look big! See the chicken shed and covered garden in the back.

This weekend we received our special order of SunGro germination mix #3 and Katie began the first round of seeding (homey photos of seed trays to come).  JP and I also got to work expanding chicken penthouse’s interior.  Now it will accommodate more layers, which we are trying to buy mature as we have 11 (1 died) able bodied birds ready to peck the crap out of little ones.  Get outside. The winter will end soon. Even in Boulder, Colorado winter is too long for me.

– Andrew


1 Response to “That lucky old sun”

  1. 1 Andi March 21, 2010 at 2:47 am

    I believe some big changes have happened in your neck of the woods, and this blog could use an update. Thanks.

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